Bindi Vora


Bindi Vora is a contemporary photographic artist. Her practice utilizes various analogue processes, often taking inspiration from her everyday surroundings, which include her personal archive. Bindi’s work teases out subtle marks and pigments within the materials she uses, such as negatives and photographic paper; the results often create vast spaces of color, light and subtle detail that contemplate ideas of perception and representation of the photographic print.In 2013, Bindi graduated from University of Westminster with a BA in Photographic Arts. She has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions in the United Kingdom and across Europe; has been published in PYLOT MagazineCapricious Magazine as well as appearing on various websites including The Photographers’ GalleryTroika EditionsPaper Journal and For Example; being named as one to watch by Art Fetch.She published her first photographic book In the blue light we failed. in 2014 which has been recently acquired by The Museum of Modern Art, NY, The Women’s Art Library at Goldsmith’s University, London, Indie Photobook Library, New York, The Hellenic Centre for Photography, Athens amongst others.In addition, she is also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster on the BA Photography course and is part of the Hemera Photographic Collective. She lives and works in London.



2010-2013 First Class Honours, BA (Hons) Photographic Arts, University of Westminster
2009-2010 Distinction, Art & Design, London College of Fashion, University of Arts London



Phone: +44 (0) 7835 498 471
Social: TwitterInstagramLinkedin


2018 -‘A Shade of Pale’, 180 The Strand, London (15 May – 3 June 2018)

2018 – ‘Girl Town’, Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art and Culture, Tel Aviv

2017 – ‘Hyperanalogue’ Geekender, The Photographers’ Gallery, London

2016 – Uncertain States, London Alternative Photography Collective, Mile End Arts Pavilion
2016 – Girl Town at Photomonth, St. Margaret’s House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green
2016 – On Landscape #3, Lower Hewood Farm, Dorset

2015 – Business as Usual: Self Publish, Be Happy in Residence at The Photographers’ Gallery, London
2015 – Material Light, Belgrade Cultural Centre, Serbia
2015 – Athens Photo Festival 2015, Photobook Show – shortlisted , Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

2014 – Hackney Food Bank Auction, St Barnabas Hall, London
2014 – Making Home: The Ugandan Asian Story, University of London, SOAS
2014 – On Landscape #1, Guest Projects, Sunbury House, 1 Andrews Road, London 
2014 – Capricious presents ‘The Louder’, Kulturhaus Palazzo, Switzerland 
2014 – Atlas of Places do not Exist, Villa del Arte Galleries @ Art Stage Singapore

2013 – enter13, Waterman’s Gallery, London
2013 – Material Light, London Gallery West, London
2013 – Making Home: The Ugandan Asian Story, Karamel Restauarant, Chocolate Factory 2, London
2013 – Making Home: The Ugandan Asian Story, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London
2013 – The Laying of the Hands, 5th Base Gallery, London
2013 – Atlas of Places do not Exist, Corner – Hotel c’est la vie, 15 Lister House, Lomas street, London
2013 – University of Westminster Degree Show @ Free Range, T1 Truman Brewery, London

2012 – Scratch the Surface, East Gallery, London
2012 – WESTPHOTO 5th Annual Photography Prize 2011, F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign, Switzerland
2012 – Wall Page & Screen, London Gallery West, London

2011 – WESTPHOTO 5th Annual Photography Prize 2011, Ambika P3, London

2010 – BLING! Jewellery Stories from the East End, Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood, London
2010 – London College of Fashion, Art & Design Show, Mare Street, London
2010 – One Man’s Trash, Regents Canal, London


Museum of Modern Art / Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection New York
Pratt Institute, New York
Self Publish Be Happy, London
The Hellenic Centre for Photography, Athens
Indie Photobook Library, New York
On Landscape Project, London
The Women’s Art Library, London
University of the Arts, London 
University of Westminster, London
Norwich University


2015 – Shortlisted for PDN’s 30 2015: New and Emerging Photographer’s to Watch


2017 – Hemera Collective, a Photographic Curatorial Collective


2017 – Curatorial Contributor, Hemera Photographic Collective
2017 – ‘How to Collaborate without Selling Out’ – Panel Chair, University of the Arts London
2017 – ‘The Alternative Print’ – Panel Speaker and contributor to the Old Girls Club, Old Bank Vault Gallery
2016 – Speaker at Brighton Photo Fringe for Emerging Curators programme
2016 – Panel speaker and contributor to Old Girls Club
2016 – Panel speaker at London Alternative Photography Collective
2016 – Contributor to Loose Associations publication, The Photographers’ Gallery
2016 – Portfolio reviewer as part of Shutter Hub Cambridge
2016 – Judge on Pixel Rights photography competition
2015 – Panel speaker at Material Light exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 – Contributor to The Story Behind a Photograph, The Photographers’ Gallery
2014 – Contributor to ‘PYLOT’ magazine
2013 – Curator of ‘The Laying of Hands’, 5th Base Gallery, London
2013 – Panel speaker at The Photographers’ Gallery
2012 – Curator of ‘Scratch the Surface’, East Gallery, London
2012 – Curator ‘Wall, Page & Screen’, London Gallery West


University of the Arts, London
University of Westminster, London
Hendon School, London


Published Works & Selected Reviews

2016 – Shutter Hub Blog, May 2016
2016 – Loose Associations Vol. 2, Issue II, April 2016

2015 – Capricious Magazine, Blog, June 2015

2014 – Artist on The Lucky Jotter, July 2014
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2014 – Project Spotlight, CMYK, March 2014
2014 – Capricious Issue 15: Boundaries, January 2014
2014 – PYLOT, Issue 0, January 2014
2014 – Film Ends, PYLOT Online, January 2014
2014 – Artist Direct, Aesthetica Magazine, December 2013/January 2014

2013 – Top 10 Emerging Photographers featured on Art Fetch, Charlie Levine, October 2013
2013 – Paper Journal, October 2013
2013 – A Story Behind a Photograph, The Photographers’ Gallery, September 2013
2013 – Free Range 2013 Review, Andrew Revell Photography, July 2013
2013 – Feature, For Example, July 2013
2013 – Online portfolio’s are Essential by Bridget Coaker, Troika Editions, July 2013
2013 – Interview with Janne Tuunannen, Mull it Over (Online), June 2013
2013 – My favourite Photo, The Photographers’ Gallery, January 2013

2012 – Es liegt was in der Luf, Issue 51, Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2012
2012 – Neu New Nouveau, Issue 50, Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2012
2012 -Scratch the Surface Newspaper, 2012
2012 –Stadt Land Fluss, Issue 49, Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2012
2012 – Riso, 2012
2012 – Draußen, Issue 48, Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2012

2011 – The Photographers’ Gallery Review on Gerhard Richter: Panorama, 2011
2011 – November/December Balkon and Garten Magazine Issue 47, 2011
2011 – Apfel Issue 46 Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2011
2011 – Shauer Issue 45 Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2011
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2011 – Keimzeit Issue 43 Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2011
2011 – Land Issue 42 Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2011

2010 – Vorher-Nachher Issue 41 Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2010
2010 – Expedition Issue 40 Balkon and Garten Magazine, 2010


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