©Bindi Vora

Homage to GB, 2017 (work in progress)

Homage to GB, is a sculptural work made in response to and inspired by George Blakely’s A Cubic Foot of Photographs, 1978, a work made up of over 50,000 disused photographic prints collected from a lab Blakely worked in Florida. These prints were carefully catalogued, collected and organised into bundles, bound by elastic bands and furthermore arranged into a cube.

Homage to GB will be scaled down to 1/10th of Blakely’s original work in size, and is comprised as a stack of empty, used photographic boxes. With each box originally containing approximately 50-100 sheets of photographic paper; now devoid of any material; in the absence of an image the simple markings of use, purpose and manufacture now take its place. This work plays homage to George Blakely’s A Cubic Foot of Photographs, 1978.

[Documentation of forming of the sculpture / collection of boxes]