Bindi Vora

Let’s Go Through This Again – Portland Works, Sheffield

Let’s Go Through This Again surveys the notion of ‘home’ explored through lens-based media, language and installation. Collectively all of the projects explore familial relationships, remote interactions and the feeling of otherness. Importantly the works presented here investigate the systems through which our family dynamics are captured and felt.


We grow attached to places that evoke thoughts, feelings, and memories, a trait instilled in us from the early years of our lives. Finding significance in places where we’ve experienced immense joy or sadness; school, football grounds, arenas, pilgrimage sites, the place you fell in love, the memorial bench and the cemetery. For many of us, our hometown is where we find many of these significant places. They are the places we grew up, where our parents live, where our ancestors are buried, the places they were married. Home is a place that will always be thought of, sometimes fondly or perhaps, the opposite.


The exhibition features the work of Joel Chan, Emily & Sarah Howe, Mark Sedge and Jungyoon Hyen and is curated by Bindi Vora and is on display at Portland Works, Sheffield between 25 – 29 January 2019.