Bindi Vora

As The Tides Grow Closer, 2021-22

As The Tides Grow Closer (2021-22) merges seas and coastlines, using them as a conduit and a metaphor to consider the contrast between freedom of movement versus the imposition and fabrication of borders governed by invisible lines. In an era when harsh legislation under the rhetoric ‘stop the boats’ is enforced, this speculative moving image piece reflects on the restrictions, hostilities and legacies of colonial-era border creations. Evoking the poignant symbolism, the piece invites viewers to contemplate the often arbitrary nature of borders and the human cost of enforcing them. Through the collision and layering of sequenced frames, combining archival and contemporary footage: ‘As The Tides Grow Closer’ symbolises the eventual realisation of the place as a tiny island that self-implodes and shatters, only to be consumed by the very water once patrolled.

As The Tides Grow Closer, (2021-22)
Single-channel video with audio
4 minutes (looped)

Installation view of 'As The Tides Grow Closer' at Ames Yavuz Gallery, Sydney