Bindi Vora

Ex-Libris, 2012

Whenever we look at family photographs we always remember distinct memories that are conjured through affiliations associated with these fragments.
Memories are the residue of our past; these photographs serve as a trace and trigger for the remembrance of these instances. These priceless inanimate objects construct our lives, and serve as evidence to events occurred.
The phenomenon of the Polaroid transformed memories, not only were you able to record a moment, but in an instant you would be holding them in your hands, their distinct white frame made them much more then just a photograph.
These books are created out of associations, for me the use of language is intrinsic in this process where the word does not simply mimic the image but emphasises its descriptive powers.
Set of two hand made artist books, encased in a slip case
13.7 x 15 cm

Installation image from Wall Page and Screen, 2012 at London Gallery West