Bindi Vora

Film Ends, 2012 – Ongoing

Film Ends is the exploration of the discarded ends of 35mm film strips. Through the process of loading a film onto the spool of the camera, the emulsion is exposed and light has irreversibly marked its reference.


“Nevertheless the camera lens and the eye both register images – because of their sensitivity to light – at great speed and in the face of an immediate event. What the camera does, however and what the eye in itself can never do is to fix the appearance of that event. It removes its appearance from the flow of appearances and it preserves it, not perhaps forever but for as long as the film exists[…]It holds them unchanging. And before the invention of the camera nothing could this, except in the minds eye, the faculty of memory” 
– John Berger


Investigating this light trace delves beyond the clotting of color and describes the sensory experience of standing before the landscape.


C-Type Unique Prints, 50.8 x 61 cm