Bindi Vora

Sheltering in Green, 2020

Sheltering in Green (2020) is a series of thirteen photograms created by chance exposure over several months. Layered unintentionally on top of one another and discovered in an open storage box placed in a defunct World War II sunken Anderson shelter, turned greenhouse in the 1960s – these photographic sheets lay stacked upon another and weighted by a small rectangular object. Unwittingly absorbing the sun rays, their earthly tones further intensifying as the light becomes stronger, although the exact exposure remains unknown.


As we are forced to spend more time at home, living in our spaces, adapting them, learning about them, changing them – this notion of shelter becomes even more pertinent. As each of these images were uncovered and lifted, sheet after sheet, the immersive green tones, forms, variations and dimensionality all endemically linked to a natural movement, envelopes the paper, and bathes it unintentionally. The latent images captured here, dance across each photogram and mark this significant moment in our lifetime.


Series of thirteen photograms (Date Unknown)
8 x 10 inches (unique)

Green 1 / 13

Green 2 / 13

Green 3 / 13

Green 4 / 13

Green 5 / 13

Green 6 / 13

Green 7 / 13

Green 8 / 13

Green 9 / 13

Green 10 / 13

Green 11 / 13

Green 12 / 13

Green 13 / 13