Bindi Vora

Journeying a Non-Place, 2011

Journeying a Non-Place depicts a nonsensical place allowing the viewers to project themselves into the scene.The process embraces fragments and builds upon a journey of looking, mapping and tracing unknown territories. ‘Mapping’ in this sense relates to ideas surrounding spaces and the trust that they will ultimately lead you to something, or somewhere.The intimately sized prints are delicately cased to depict their fragility, but also an invitation for the viewer to interact with the images in a more accessible way, permitting a voyage of discovery, transforming the photograph into a map, a figure and a direction. These photographs were taken during numerous walks through the many unknown streets of Paris
Artist Publication, 14.4 x 19.7 cm

Installation image of 'Journeying a Non-Place' exhibited as part of On Landscape 3, Dorset, 2016