Bindi Vora

Mountain of Salt, 2020 – ongoing

Mountain of Salt is an ongoing body of work which initially responded to our current narrative of our everyday ‘normal’. Since covid-19 unfolded in the UK and across the world, I like many others have become acutely aware of the landscape in which we are living, where everything has felt amplified. We cling to the news for updates, statistics and curves; and in our own ways analysing the myriad forms of information. It highlights the way in which language, words and speech have a physical presence, a bearing upon us and carry weight. The connotations can be overwhelming at times.


This text based work focuses on the provocative language used since March 2020 to describe the pandemic on social media, by journalists and politicians.


Since I began these pieces, the work has continued to evolve, it now encompasses countless moments that have affected us all beyond the virus – conversations around oppression, racism and witnessing trauma but also to the more lighthearted, comical moments in these times where we take solace. This curious collection of phrases speaks to the dissemination of language and its affect upon us.

There are currently 130 works in the series
Found photograph, appropriated text and digital shapes.