Bindi Vora

white in the sea Vol I – X (2013-2017)

white in the sea explores my intrigue and curiosity with the surface of the sea. Captured over the course of a single day, this study observes the water reflecting and refracting natural light. Documenting a variety of seas and coastlines in Britain and across the world. The resulting images index the mood and beauty of the light, the pigments reference the images themselves. As the colours coalesce and flow into one another they become boundless, reflecting the shared nature of the sea.


Utilising a 35mm film camera, this series sees digital techniques woven into the analogue process to intervene with the surface of the image. White in the sea is an ongoing volume of work that began in 2013, and is a continuation of my exploration into the materiality of photographic surface and our perception of colour, as well as the surface of water.


The photographs presented here bring together over ten volumes of seascapes – Vol. I, Cornwall, 2013; Vol. II, Aldeburgh, 2013; Vol. III, Margate, 2013; Vol. IV, Normandy, 2014; Vol. V, Bel Ombre, 2015; Vol. VI, Manly, 2015; Vol. VII, Cheung Chau, 2016; Vol. VIII, The Jurassic Coast, 2016; Vol IX, Scheveningen, 2016; Vol. X, Nusa Lembongan, 2017.